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Phase 4 - Maximizing

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The benefits of capturing and reusing the collective experience of responding to requests is profound. Having a healthy knowledge base derived from interactions with customers is valuable in so many ways. It does, however, take some effort to maintain the focus over time. Many of the benefits are not immediate; it is a delayed-gratification model. The ability for the knowledge worker to see the impact of their contribution to the knowledge base is a critical element in sustaining focus. Knowledge worker contributions that must be recognized include: 

  • Reuse and accurate linking
  • Modifications to existing articles as they are being reused
  • Adherence to the content standard (AQI scores) 
  • Internal reuse of articles and feedback
  • Customer reuse of articles and feedback


It is fundamentally the responsibility of senior leadership to create an environment that enables knowledge worker visibility to the impact of their contribution. This is accomplished by funding reporting capabilities and dashboards as well as feedback systems. The  managers, coaches and KDEs also play an important role in supporting these activities. 


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