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KCS v6 Certified Trainer Instructions

About the KCS v6 Certified Trainer Program

The KCS Certified Trainer program is offered by The KCS Academy.

Intent of the Program 

KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) is gaining in popularity and credibility. As the market demand grows so does the variation in how people define KCS, which in turn threatens the credibility of the methodology. The KCS Certified Trainer program is an attempt to support the growing rate of adoption and maintain consistency in the definition of the KCS practices and promote successful KCS adoptions.  Additionally, we see mutual benefit in supporting the success of those who offer legitimate KCS training and services.


KCS Trainer Certification is for individual trainers who meet the KCS Certified Trainer criteria.

What Being a KCS v6 Certified Trainer Means

Completing the KCS Certified Trainer program means you are qualified to use the Consortium for Service Innovation KCS training materials to teach a variety of KCS workshops and authorized to proctor the KCS Certification Exams.  The workshops include KCS Overview, KCS v6 Practices (1.5 day, 2 day or 2.5 day), the KCS Leadership Workshop and facilitate the KCS Design Session. The KCS Certified Trainer does not include the KCS Coach Workshop, KCS v6 KDE Workshop, or the Intelligent Swarming Workshops.  These workshops have separate trainer certification requirements (see below). 


KCS is gaining broad market recognition and being a KCS Certified Trainer has market value. Once trainers are certified to teach the Practices v6 Workshop then they can add one or all of the other KCS workshops offered through the KCS Certified Trainer. As a certified trainer you have the right to use the KCS Trainer logo on your marketing materials and web site in conjunction with the workshop you have been certified and licensed to deliver. As long as you maintain your KCS Certified Trainer status, you will have a license to use the latest workshop materials. The KCS Academy will maintain a web page that lists KCS Certified Trainers with links to information about the Trainer and their schedule of training events.

Requirements for Additional Workshops

  1. KCS v6 KDE Workshop: co-teach the workshop with a KCS Certified Trainer who is certified to teach it and update your signed Workshop License Agreement (royalties apply)
  2. Intelligent Swarming Workshops: co-teach a workshop with a KCS Certified Trainer who is certified to teach it and update your signed Workshop License Agreement (royalties apply)
  3. KCS Coach: contact Beth Haggett

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for the certified program are expected to:

  • Have experience teaching/facilitating in a classroom or workshop environment
  • Have experience in customer support and be familiar with current processes, structures, management practices and metrics
  • Have experience with knowledge management in customer support organizations

Process to Become a KCS v6 Certified Trainer

  1. Attend a KCS v6 Practices Workshop (full 2.5 day version)
  2. Be KCS v6 Practices Certified (see KCS Academy web site).  If you are already KCS Practices v5 Certified you must pass the KCS v6 Bridge exam.  
  3. Organize and co-teach a KCS v6 Practices workshop with a KCS Certified Trainer (this can be a revenue generating event at a client site or a public workshop. Trainer keeps revenue less expenses and the co-training fee.)
    1. The Co-Instructor must complete the Certified Trainer Candidate Assessment Form, verifying the candidate's training capabilities including: understanding of the KCS practices, ability to articulate the KCS practices with examples, ability to handle objections, ability to debrief the workshop exercises and draw out the key learning points.  
    2. A recommendation "to certify" the candidate from the Co-Instructor is a pre-requisite to taking the KCS v6 Certified Trainer Exam. 
  4. Pass the KCS v6 Trainer exam administered by the KCS Academy (KCS Academy web site)
    1. The exam is a fill-in-the-blank format and has a time limit of 90 minutes.  It can be taken in a test center, via online proctoring (video), or proctored by a KCS Certified Trainer.
    2. The exam results are later reviewed with the candidate; the exam review takes about 90 minutes.
  5. Sign and abide by the KCS Workshop License Agreement, and email completed form to support@thekcsacademy.net.


Membership in the Consortium is not required but strongly recommended.  Royalty payments made by Certified Trainers can be credited towards the cost of Consortium membership.  


Certification begins on the date of completing all certification requirements and ends 24 months later.  In order to maintain an active certification status, you must:

If these requirements are not met within 24 months of certification, you must apply for reinstatement.

Exam Results

A member of the KCS Academy Staff will manually score the exam and contact you within two (2) business days to set up a time to review the results together. 


If the candidate's exam registration was paid for by the candidate's company, that company has the right to receive the Pass/Fail exam result. Registrations paid for by an individual candidate will be kept confidential.

Audit Process

Applications for new trainer certifications and renewals are randomly chosen for auditing, although only a percentage will be selected.

Terms of the audit include:

  • For Trainer Candidates: a KCS Academy staff member will contact the reference listed on the Assessment.
  • For Trainer Renewals: proof of workshop dates will be required. 
  • Additional contact information will be requested for references and supporting documentation listed.
  • The certification process will remain in progress until all the audit requirements are validated.


Once the audit is successfully completed, the two-year eligibility period starts.  Inability to provide contact information or requested documentation will result in failure of the audit and the candidate must reapply.


Misrepresentation of information on the application will result in loss of certification status and exclusion from the KCS network at the KCS Academy's discretion.




Attend a KCS v6 Practices Workshop

Current market price

Pass the KCS v6 Practices Exam, or... 

If you are KCS Practices v5 Certified, pass the KCS v6 Bridge exam (available until August 31, 2017)

$450 (plus any applicable taxes)

$85 (plus any applicable taxes)

Co-teach a KCS v6 Practices workshop (this should be revenue generating event, net income is retained by the workshop sponsor)

$12,000 (plus any applicable taxes and travel expenses)

Pass the KCS v6 Certified Trainers Exam (see below)

$650 (plus any applicable taxes)

Retake the KCS v6 Certified Trainers Exam (if necessary)

$650 (plus any applicable taxes)

Renewal process

  • Deliver two, 2-day or longer KCS workshops in 24 months.
  • Ensure workshop royalty payments are current.
  • Complete Trainer Renewal Application




Royalties paid to Consortium for Workshops delivered

See below for list of available workshops and royalty fee

KCS Workshops Available and Licensing Information

KCS Workshop License Agreement

Exam Topics, Objectives and Registration Information

The Trainer Certification exam consists of 36 fill-in-the-blank style questions and must be completed in 90 minutes or less. It follows the KCS concept of complete thoughts or phrases, not complete sentences.  The exam is scored based on the candidate’s understanding of the KCS concepts and principles. Responses do not have to be exact words from the KCS documentation but they must appropriately convey the KCS principles, concepts, practices, and techniques. Where there are multiple correct answers, the complete list of correct answers is not required. For example, there are numerous reasons why "search early, search often" is important.  We may only ask you to list two of the reasons. You are welcome to list all of the reasons you believe to be correct. There is no "extra credit" for providing more than are asked for. However, incorrect answers that expose a lack of understanding will detract from your score. Certified Trainers must possess a deep and thorough understanding of KCS.


For the list of reference materials, the topics and objectives included in the exam and instructions on how to register for the exam, please see the Trainer v6 Certification Study Guide and Registration Instructions. 

Exam Retake

All certification criteria must be met within one year from payment submission to receive the certification.  To retake a non-passing exam, a retake fee of $650 (plus any applicable taxes) and 30 day waiting period is required. Should a second retake be necessary, a retake fee of $650 (plus any applicable taxes) and another 30 day waiting period is required.  The exam cannot be taken more than three times.

Exam Options

There are a few options for taking the exam:

  1. Hosted – at a proctored testing center (there are centers all over the world, locations)
  2. OLP – online proctored (using a video camera)
  3. Client Proctored - if you are working with a KCS Certified Trainer they can proctor the exam

No reference materials can be used during the exam.  Exam policies and procedures are provided on the testing center web site after scheduling the exam.


The KCS Certification is currently only available in English.  Testing centers are worldwide.



For more information, questions or comments please contact:

Greg Oxton
Executive Director
Consortium for Service Innovation

Rules of Conduct


Please read the Consortium's Member Rules of Conduct.  Lack of adherence to these rules of conduct will be grounds for loss of certification status and exclusion from the KCS network at the KCS Academy's discretion.


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